In July 2022 Terence Palfrey (Paul...Our Chairman) who is the owner of Court House and the farm, set up through his will, a charitable foundation that will eventually take ownership of the Court Estate. At the same time an application was made to the charity commision to register a new charity to be known by the same name. Below you will find the proposed governing document.


Governing Document of The Palfrey Kemp Foundation. 1. To preserve and maintain the Grade 2* listed 17th century house known as Court House, in Stoford, Somerset, together with its ancillary buildings gardens and grounds known as Court Farm, and the collections of books, art, ceramics and communication devices, as a place of historic and architectural interest for the benefit of the public 2. To promote the study of nature and the natural world, of communication, the arts and local history. In particular, but without limitation, by facilitating the study of botany, gardening, wildlife arts and sciences, and to promote learning by the teaching, production, participation in and display of arts and indoor or outdoor crafts, or skills at Court House and farm 3. Such other objects as are charitable under the laws of England and Wales, as the trustees shall at their absolute discretion determine. The trustees may give grants to other organisations and registered UK charities.

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