Our Trustees

Terence Palfrey (known to everyone as Paul) 

Founder - Chairman

Paul has had an interesting life starting out as a 15 year old working in a factory and ending up with his own very successful retail business that he ran with his late partner Geoff Kemp. In between he was a pirate radio d.j., worked freelance for the BBC and was, for 14 years, an appeals organiser for the well known animal charity pdsa. These days he spends most of his time, when he's not dealing with the day to day running of the trust, presenting shows for many local radio stations in the u.k. and around the world



Lynda Martin - Secretary

Lynda has been teaching for the past 25 years and there is nothing that Lynda does not know about safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults. She is also the treasurer of the local radio station Abbey 104 in Sherborne.




Neil Jones - Property & Risk Assessment 

Neil has spent a lifetime working in housing management. He's worked for several local authorities and housing associations and understands the needs for good risk assessment of all of our activities inside and out in the meadow. 




Ann Tate - Fundraising & Charity Adviser 

Ann has worked in the voluntary, not for profit, sector for almost 40 years and has also been a trustee of several charities working in the u.k. and abroad. Ann and Paul worked together at the animal charity pdsa and since then she has had several executive positions at some of the best known charities in the u.k.



Terry Bennett - Hon. Treasurer and Financial Adviser

Terry is not a a trustee of the Geranium Trust, but with more than 30 years experience in senior banking management he is just the right person to take care of our money and finances. Since agreeing to take over this role he has set up an accounting system where, at a glance, we can find any item in the accounts that we need. Terry is a trustee of another charity and also a registered foster parent. 

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