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     "Friends In The Garden"

"Friends In The Garden", is the name of our new friendship group.

These are early days, but we are hoping that there will be a lot of interest from all age groups who would like to get out in the fresh air and make new friends.

Watch This Space!


 Gardening For Good Health 

It is suggested that gardens and gardening can play a role in promoting good health.

       It can help to reduce depression, loneliness, anxiety and stress.

       It benefits various conditions including heart disease, cancer and  obesity.

       It may help in alleviating symptoms of dementia.

       It improves sense of personal achievement among young people with  physical and  learning          differences.

We are ALWAYS looking for new ways that we can offer support those of us who are suffering from loneliness, isolation and depression.

I know how I personally benefited from planning and setting up Geoff's Meadow in the weeks and months that followed his death. I remember how I spent those cold wintry days making nesting boxes and placing them in the hedgerows and trees.


So we are setting up an allotment garden at Court Farm for those who want to come and grow vegetables and flowers and to meet like minded friends.


If this project interests you please email us and come over for a cup of tea and a chat. If you'd like to support this project with a donation to purchase tools etc. go to our contact page or email us.




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