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     'Friends In The Garden' Project

We have now started a community  gardening group at Court Farm called 'Friends In The Garden' and a large plot of farmland has been set aside for an  allotment garden. The idea is to get folk of all ages out into the fresh air gardening, keeping fit and making friends.

We also have groups of young people with learning differences coming to garden and do bird watching in Geoff's Meadow and the surrounding fields. This has been a great success and we can't wait for the lock down to come to an end so that we can continue this project. In the mean time the gardens have been planted up with many vegetables which are beginning to grow nicely.

If you are interested in joining this group, or helping us in any other way, please email:



Friends In The Garden Veg. Plot April 20

Our Next Tea Party, for those who spend too much time alone and may feel isolated, will be held at Court Barn, Court Farm, Stoford, BA22 9UA Cancelled untill further notice

ALL are welcome! PLEASE email if you'd like more details:

Our Next

LGBT+ Roast Dinner, Cancelled untill further notice. If you would like to come along, or know of someone who might to one of our roast dinners, please email for details.

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CCLL Sherborne & Yeovil Link - Chernobyl Children's Lifeline

During the month of July 12 children, from an area of Belarus polluted with radiation, spent two full days each week with us at Court Farm. They had the most wonderful time, and so did we. Those lovely kids have very little at home and have not much time to play like children do here in the u.k. They were so well behaved and spent hours just playing together in the garden and in the fields and I spent a lot of time crying with joy as I watched them. Ann Horrocks, who runs the local CCLL, came to see me the other day to ask if I might be willing for more children to come to the farm next year. My answer was, Ann as long as I am alive the children will be welcome here and hopefully, when I am no longer around, they will still be able to come and enjoy this beatiful place that Geoff and I loved so much.

Children of Chernobyl outside of Barn 07

The 2019 Open Garden at Court House, Stoford, Yeovil, BA22 9UA  was held on Saturday 1st June. It was a great success raising, £763.44 with a share going towards the work of St. Margaret's Hospice. Here's our chairman handing a cheque for £300 to Susan Bickle at St. Margaret's.

Cynthia Martin with cheque  June

On Tuesday 4th June, David and Cynthia Martin kindly held another raffle at the Olive Bowl in Gillingham, Dorset.

This time they raised a magnificent £275 towards our work of fighting loneliness and isolation.

Thank you both!

Here's Cynthia with cheque in hand.


On Friday 19th and Saturday 20th of October, 2018, 10 young children, who had lost a mum or dad, came to Court Farm for their 2 day SAMSARA organised and run by St. Margaret's hospice. They played, they painted tote bags and face masks and made pizza. They had picnic lunches down in Geoff's meadow and made seed bombs that they then threw at targets spreading the seeds that will flower for years to come. We were unable to take photos of the children but I can assure you that they all left with big smiles on their faces.

Photo0947 CROPPED.jpg