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BRONZE AGE Beaker People Burial Site


Quite by accident we recently found out that we have a Bronze Age Burial site in the Wildlife Haven at Court House. It was discovered in a small quarry in 1826. We have been told that it is around 4400 years old. Here is "Paul" our chairman, with a few learners from Able2Achieve, on a recent visit to Taunton Museum where we were shown the beaker and rams horn found in the grave.



240 Trees Planted at Court Farm

On Monday 8th November, 2021 we planted the first 240 of 500 small trees that will be planted at Court Farm Wildlife Haven this autum. Everyone had a wonderful time. If you'd like to come along and join in next time please email us at:










'Friends In The Garden' Project

We have now started a community  gardening group at Court House called 'Friends In The Garden'. The idea is to get folk of all ages out into the fresh air gardening, keeping fit and making friends. There are now 10 flower beds in Geoff's Meadow Memory Garden. We desperately need help to look after these. So, if you are willing and able to help by offering to take care of one of these, please email us.

We also have groups of young people with learning differences coming several days each week to do gardening, bird watching and other nature studies in the surrounding fields that our now a Wildlife Haven.

If you are interested in joining this group, or helping us in any other way, please email:




We hold Monthly LGBT+ Roast Dinners & Coffee Mornings. If you would like to come along, or know of someone who might, please email for details.

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Our monthly Tea Parties, for those who spend too much time alone and may feel isolated, are held on the last Friday in every month from 2 - 4 pm at Court House, Stoford.

ALL are welcome! PLEASE email if you'd like more details:

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Children of Chernobyl outside of Barn 07
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Paul presenting cheque to Sue at St. Mar

On Friday 19th and Saturday 20th of October, 2018, 10 young children, who had lost a mum or dad, came to Court Farm for their 2 day SAMSARA organised and run by St. Margaret's hospice. They played, they painted tote bags and face masks and made pizza. They had picnic lunches down in Geoff's meadow and made seed bombs that they then threw at targets spreading the seeds that will flower for years to come. We were unable to take photos of the children but I can assure you that they all left with big smiles on their faces.

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