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  Trees In The Meadow
  Woodland Memory Garden
  We have planted more than 3500 trees at Court House since June 2017

Many of the trees in Geoff's Meadow Memory Garden have been planted in  memory of friends. Below you can see some of them.


If you would like us to plant a tree in memory of a friend or    loved one please email us for details. We are asking for a donation to purchase the tree and to help the trust to continue it's work. See our contact page for our email address.


Geoff's Oak Tree

Planted in April 2017

Father Nicholas's Tree - Planted Early 2017
Emma's Tree - Planted 1st May 2018
Johnny G's Tree Planted 26-03-18
Mary & Paul plant a tree in memory of all the Rainbow Bridge Dogs 1st May 2018
An Oak Tree planted for Chrisy in Autumn 2017
Crab Apple Tree for Edward 'Eddie'
Planted 2nd June 2018
Tony's Tree - Planted 19th August 2018

Joyce's Beech Tree - Planted April 2019

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