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93 year old Mary with Paul rehearsing for her Christmas Day Show on Abbey 104

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    Registered charity no.1176738. The Geranium Trust offers friendship and support to anyone regardless of age, faith, ethnicity, status or sexual orientation who is living with bereavement, loneliness or feeling isolated. We also offer our support to those suffering from physical or mental illness by organising regular tea parties, coffee morning, dinners and a gardening group. All our trustees and administrative staff are volunteers. We do not employ any paid staff and apart from a few minor running costs all money raised goes to support the charitable work that we offer.


The Geranium Trust was founded in memory of

                   Geoff Kemp (1950 - 2017)

Geoff died from a cancer related illness in February 2017. His partner, with the support of Geoff's family and friends, decided that he would like others to enjoy the beautiful gardens and farmland around the house that they shared and loved for many years. The two acre field, to the west of Court House, is now known as 'Geoff's Meadow' where young trees and wild flowers have been planted. It's a place of peace and quiet where those who need a little solitude can go and rest a while.

Why the name Geranium Trust? Well, Geoff was a botanist and his favorite plant was the wild British Geranium the Cranesbill or Herb Robert. So the charity was named after this humble little hedgerow plant that Geoff loved so much.

Geoff Kemp 1950 - 2017
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How We Offer Our Hand Of Friendship
Tea Parties
& Coffee Mornings

We organise Monthly Tea Parties 2 - 4 pm on the last Friday in the month at Court House, Stoford, Nr Yeovil. If you live in the Yeovil or the Sherborne area and are living with loneliness or feel isolated, then come along and join us. Or maybe you'd like to organise your own Tea Parties in the area were you live? If so email us for more information.

Tuesday Gardening Group

There are more than 26 acres of land at Court House. We have been given the use, rent free, for most of this land to use as a community garden and wildlife haven. This offers a chance for people who feel trapped in their homes to get out into the fresh air and make new friends while gardening and doing wildlife studies. To find out more Email:

Loneliness in the comunity

Loneliness in the community is a great problem these days with friends, neighbours and family all leading such busy lives leaving many elderly and house bound folk feeling isolated and alone. This is an area that we would very much like to explore to see just how we may be able to offer help and support. Maybe by taking a personal 'one to one' tea party to the homes of those who are alone. Shortly we'll be starting a new phone friend service called "Friends-Line" for older members of the community.

Contact us for full details.

Keep In Touch
Ask for our diary of events for 2024

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Geoff's Meadow
Memory Garden

Geoff's Meadow is the two acre field to the west of Court House. It's original name on the old tithe map is 'Higher Home Orchard'. It's a place of peace where you can walk, think and remember or maybe sit & relax on a bench and read a book. Many of the young trees have been planted in memory of a loved one. Two of the trees have been planted in memory of pet dogs and one in memory of a hampster.

Sunday Roast Dinners
& Curry Nights

We organise Sunday roast dinners where older folk can come to meet new friends and enjoy a good roast dinner, followed by afternoon tea with cakes. Places are limited so this is by invitation only at the moment. We also have the occational curry night at Court House, again this is for those living with loneliness.

LGBT+ Social, Friendship

& Support

We also run an LGBT+ social support & friendship group for those feeling alone and isolated. Every month we organise a full three course Sunday Roast Dinner. We do ask those who can afford it for a small donation to cover the cost of the food.

We also hold a monthly LGBT Coffee Morning and shortly we'll be starting a new phone friend service, "LGBT+ Friends-Line" for older members of the LGBT+ Community.

Contact us for full details.


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Two of the many bird nesting boxes placed in trees in Geoff's Meadow. The little  Dutch House was a gift from Ron and Ton, two friends  in the Netherlands. Sadly Ton died of cancer in July 2018 and Ron passed away a couple of years later. See Ton's Walnut tree down in Geoff's Meadow and there is also a special Hazel tree close by planted in memory of Ron.


The English Oak Tree In The Meadow.

At the end of February 2017 Michael, Brian and Paul made a trip to visit a specialist tree nursery near to Bristol and after a lot of thought chose this 15ft English Oak to plant in memory of Geoff. We placed his, and Paul's parents, ashes by the side of the tree on 3rd June the day that the meadow was blessed.

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